Because sometimes you just need to hear it.

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Dear Mother Reading This,

You are doing a wonderful job. You put your kids first every single day and pour every ounce of your energy into their well-being. After they are asleep you wonder whether you have done enough. You are doing enough. You are a loving, thoughtful, wonderful mother.

You are amazing. How do you do it all? Maybe you spend almost all of your waking hours doing the lion’s share of the day-to-day work of raising your children while your partner works long hours outside the home. Maybe you balance a career and family life. Maybe you are a single mother who does both. You are carrying a heavy load and you are pulling it off amazingly well.

You are beautiful. Maybe you have felt out of touch with your outer goddess since becoming a mother, but she is still there. You are pretty. You are gorgeous.

Maybe no one has told you these things in a while. Maybe no one has ever told you these things. But they are true. You are kind. You are loved. You are needed. You are doing great. Keep up the good work. You’ve got this.


Share this with the mothers in your life who are wonderful, amazing, and beautiful. Because sometimes we all just need to hear it.

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