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Welcome to the blog! Here you’ll find topics focused on:

Attachment Parenting – Not really the Dr. Sears type. Attachment parenting here is focused on unconditional, non-punitive parenting that allows space for nonviolent communication, a growth mindset, and communicating with our children with the acknowledgement that they are individuals who deserve respect, autonomy, and room to make mistakes.

Alternative Education – Allowing the space for our kids to learn and grow is what childhood is all about. Alternative education is a privilege that many don’t have. When discussing education, we will hold space for all families in all situations, as well as provide tools for all types of school situations, including traditional schooling. 

Self-Care – Self-care is a tough one. At least for me. I’m slowly learning and pushing for more and more self-care as I realize how powerful it is. When I take care of my body, my mind, and my heart, I’m then able to better care for the body, hearts, and minds of my kids. Self-care will encompass many aspects that make us individuals, as opposed to only parents.

Spirituality – Non-religious, but accepting of all beliefs. Spirituality here is focused on meditation, mindfulness, growth, and living our best lives. I’ll be very mindful of wording when writing about spirituality so that we can all take something useful from the messages. You are welcome here no matter your religion or spiritual beliefs. 

Holistic Living – Living in a way that is natural to each of us as individuals, as well as natural for the environment is important to me. I’m continuously on a journey of learning what it means to take care of myself and my children from a whole-body, whole-person perspective. Just like with behaviors, addressing only a behavior rather than the underlying cause ignores the whole person’s experience and only focuses on one thing. 

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